Acapella for Self Control: Chapter 1

by Self Suffice

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* Written & Performed by Self Suffice the RapOet
* Produced & Arranged by King Solomon of Alien Religion
* Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Ghazi G Dot O
* Artwork & Photography by Corey Payne

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I wasn't super human. I was just super at bein' human
and winnin' instead of me glorifyin' losin'
cause I don't need any pity.
Time to turn the page, I'm in the inner-city.
The listener find, me the protagonist tryin' not to lose my mind.
Mad at this, whole pseudo-pro-black system of rappers
jumpin' on tracks to just, disrespect sistas,
braggin' if they up on the last
designer fashion to flash in a time
when Mumia Abu-Jamal been locked behind
bars for over 17 years. Framed and chained
to remind the blind that slept, that we still bein' kept behind.
Usin ya brain is a crime. I'm either feignin' ignorance
or payin' a fine, for what my wisdom is portrayin'.
Tax dollars funded alot of these cops across
the city slayin' my people and gettin' away yo.
What's worse is the mental gamin'
got us betrayin' our own people.
Evil's contagious 'n brothas like me walkin' a fine line.
Of course, I'm goin' to college and takin' courses,
not gainin' knowledge, but it's the obvious
path to get a job with. No time to write or even
freestyle off the top of the mind rhymes!
I think I lost my mind. We think about dyin' alot
without tears, cryin' silently. Who wouldn't mind
findin' someone to brainwash their mind?
No pain, no stressful thoughts, no decisions to make,
no way to get lost, they put you on course,
no hate for those infatuated with floss,
no payin' dues, they covered the cost,
makin' you dependent on one person, you love 'em,
your employer, you pray to your boss.
Traditional truths, hidden and given through
religions for millenniums, tossed in the trash.
If I knew what I was causin' to happen,
I'd take it back before I put it in the rappin',
but I can't sun!
The apparition appeared to me wearin' a mask,
covered in an outfit of mystical symbolism,
with a proposition. Before I could gasp, and relax
the shock to my nervous system, he said,
"Stop and listen! I have a question to ask.
In that verse you was just spittin' up,
you said if someone offered to brainwash your mind,
you'd probably give it up, consider what I'm sayin'.
Not playin' with you! I could give you physical riches,
now do you wanna live it up?"
Yeah, it's easy discussin' situations like these,
but tough to be in a position where you actually
have to make a decision. The sorcerer
claimed to be some sort of a brain magician.
Through a combination of technology, and meditation,
he was able to make aneurisms disappear, and perform
lobotomies on patients, still livin’ while they awake and
the method is painless. No affiliations
with the government, he was claimin’.
I didn’t care. I said,
“If you could relieve the stress in my head,
take it away then”
My better judgement caved in, due to the frustration
of not knowin’ my way in this life, it’s like a maze.
The price I paid was mental enslavement.


released November 30, 2016
Written & Performed by Self Suffice the RapOet
Produced & Arranged by King Solomon of Alien Religion
Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Ghazi G Dot O
Artwork & Photography by Corey Payne



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